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Madison, Wisconsin.  Fifteen thousand people were expected for Saturday’s march, but official police estimates put the numbers at between 75 and 100,000 citizens, rivalling the crowd sizes from the Act 10 protests in 2011.

Yes, your friend Wabi Sabi was there as well, wearing her pink cap lovingly knitted by a good friend, but not carrying a sign. (I learned during the Act 10/Walker Recall marches that carrying both a camera and a sign is unwieldy and I’ll opt for a camera any day.) The Women’s March, like the 2011 protests, was a happy, polite, helpful and thoroughly civilized gathering, filled with singing, chanting and a great deal of laughter and talk. And, while billed as a Women’s March, there were plenty of men in the crowd as well.




A selection of faces in the crowd:

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