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I have a perfect “school bus in fog” picture in my head, and while I like these four–I haven’t taken that absolutely perfect one yet.

Maybe that’s my photographer’s version of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave : somewhere, there exists an ideal yellow school bus picture. It’s sitting next to the ideal chair and the ideal table…and maybe the perfect pair of jeans. These are but poor copies or shadows of it. (Note to self: review Plato’s original text. Intro to Humanities was a very long time ago and that business about the perfect jeans might be something that I added.)

Although…I do like this next shot a lot.


 I so seldom have people in any of my pictures, it just might be the novelty of it all. (“Hey, you kids! Get out of my picture!”)


And then there is the matter of where to position myself for optimum effectiveness. Middle of the road would be ideal and I did run out a few times, but I was just a little nervous about being flattened by a black SUV with its lights off.

Or ending up on the grill of a bus.


Thinking about it now, standing in wet grass on the side of a country road in dense pre-dawn fog wasn’t probably a great idea either.

Maybe there exists an ideal photographer as well, sitting on the ideal chair at the ideal table.

Waiting sensibly for the fog to lift.