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Shot through my dining room window on Wednesday morning. I seriously could not summon the will to go out of doors to capture any more magical snow moments. I am officially tapping out of the Winter Wonderland League of Photographers.

After two days of heavy rains, we’d been down to soggy grass, but Mother Nature staged a full-on midnight percussion concert on Tuesday night, showcasing her newest composition: Thundersnow!  Yipes!  It was incredibly loud, shaking the house and waking everyone.  Sunrise on Wednesday revealed a return to a thick cover of snow.

(For most of us, “Drum roll, please” is just an expression. Mother Nature is apparently a literalist.)

I’ve noticed that many members of the Clean Driveway Club on my road have just refused to shovel for this last storm, driving right through the mess and trusting that it will–eventually–melt for good.

2013Apr10_Bird feeder snow_2779 as Smart Object-1

2013Apr10_Bird feeder snow_2767 as Smart Object-1

As of late in the day Thursday, it hasn’t.

Sunday was quiet–delightfully so. New York Times plus Sunday morning news shows plus a fireplace and unlimited coffee. Who could ask for finer?

I took a walk late in the afternoon and while it was gray and crispy outside, there was nothing out of the ordinary in the air.

 I must have missed something.  Forty minutes after I got home, the last “snowstorm” of the season hit, creating a near-whiteout for a brief time. 

I’d already vowed that I’d taken all the snow shots I could tolerate for the year, but this was too good to let pass. These were all taken in the field behind my house.




squall 1

So…about 2 weeks ago, I walked out of the doctor’s office with a verdict of Perfectly Healthy (there had been some concerns about that) and my very first thought was “I’m buying the lens.”

Actually, that was my second thought. My first was “Why did it take 9 days from my initial visit to get me in for a test?” By the time Day #7 rolled around, I had been choosing the tunes for my memorial service.

My new toy is a Sigma 8-16mm F4.5-5.6, an ultra wide angle lens.  I fully understand that there is a learning curve involved with a lens like this (it’s pretty darned easy to take pictures of your feet,)  but I am a-quiver with joy and eager to learn. 

These two pictures were shot in the field behind my house. They are not exciting Art, but they do illustrate just how much can be packed into a shot at 8mm while still retaining excellent details and little or no distortion. Once again, you really need to click on the pictures to appreciate the larger view.



That’s my neighbors’ estate just visible through the trees. I don’t know them and they mostly live elsewhere but I am always grateful for their red buildings that provide the perfect pop! for winter pictures. Thanks, guys!

An afternoon of snowshoeing through the most glorious winter woods you could imagine turned into an overnight in Egg Harbor when wind and snow made a return drive to Green Bay impossible.


Good friends, big fireplace, good wine and much snappy conversation can tame a snowstorm any day.

Wisconsin on Wednesday

A quick tour of the backyard around 2:00 and then it was back inside to the fireplace.