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Six images.

Come: join me for my morning’s walk. Don’t worry–I’ll do the heavy lifting here.  You can pour another cup of coffee and get comfy.

At 6:00 this morning, the world outside my windows was pleasantly hazy: not exactly fog-bound, but more mist-kissed. This isn’t completely unusual for me but when I put my glasses on, the soft gray morning was still there.

I rolled out of bed with great slowness–really? I’m going outside?– and rummaged around for clothes suitable for wandering in wet grass.  I ended up in an outfit that any mother of a four-year-old would instantly recognize: a free-spirited mixture of pajamas and whatever was on the floor of my closet.

And my camera.

I exited my backyard and started walking through the fields.

The sweet Queen riot is still in full-swing and I almost stayed right in the middle of it for another session of glamour shots…



…but I’m glad that I didn’t. Look! The deserted farm down the road!


I’ve never approached from this way before and it was just a matter of finding where the barbed wire was down so I could step through to the farm side.


Actually, I think I wandered into a painting.


The mist turned to rain and I turned to home. Total time out? One hour.



Home again!


After waxing enthusiastic about the eyeball-searing color of a high summer garden, you were probably expecting me to crack your monitor with some examples. Instead, I offer quite the opposite: some soft portraits of the most prominent flower in my garden: the Golden Glow. (I think this is a flower that falls under the larger umbrella of “Prairie Sunflowers.”)  You can find her in gardens, but more often running wild in the fields. She’s tall: I’m 5’8″ and many of the flowers are more than a foot above my head.

And, she is a brilliant gold, but for today’s posting, I have removed color from the equation in order to better highlight the grace and texture, shadow and mystery of this beauty, transforming a sorta-weedy wildflower into an elegant lady.

On a quick technical note, I was using a 60mm lens set to f2.8,  giving that wonderfully blurred background and playing up the softness of the petals. Most of the shots were taken in the early morning or around sunset. I was not using a tripod.





I played with the how much I desaturated the colors. As you can see in the two just above, there is just a hint, a mere hint of gold left in the portrait. The stems aren’t really green: they are just THINKING about the color green.

In the next two, I opted for a stricter black and white interpretation:



Last one of this series: Milwaukee’s RiverWalk at night.

good night

One image which needs to be viewed at full size. Seriously.

Downtown Green Bay


Variation on yesterday’s shot:


 I’ll set this into context tomorrow but I liked the narrative possibilities of the single picture.