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From Wednesday’s walk through Woodlawn.

I didn’t realize until I was playing with the crops just how androgynous the statues are. Take away hair or head coverings and the faces could as easily be youth as maiden.






In a little more than a week, your friend Wabi Sabi is off on a two-week adventure involving airplanes, passports and signs written in a language other than her own. Woo-Hoo!




Interior shots, Milwaukee Art Museum.



Although I have multiple versions of this next shot sans people, a shout-out to the unknown art lover who popped into the frame uninvited. 


More serendipity:


I always think of this final work as the “Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice” piece…


…because I can (and do!) assume this stance in a heartbeat.

My Canon Sister, Tammy, and I made a road trip to Oshkosh recently for the express purpose of 1.) Checking out the Ansel Adams show at the Paine Art Center and B.) photographing the garden and grounds. Tammy and I were in a 3-credit photography course two years ago, both of us sporting newish Canon 7D’s and the instructor promptly dubbed us the Canon Sisters.  We are two very vocal and tallish-women and we made the man markedly nervous, so we are fairly certain that his naming us rose from some primitive fear of speaking our real names aloud.  It’s also possible that he made signs to ward off the evil eye whenever he had to deal with Tammy or me,  but we weren’t able to document that part.

Matters not. We wear the title well.

I’m going to break our excursion into a couple of posts because if your attention span is anything like mine, you are preparing to wander off in search of something shiny even as you are reading this.

What I am posting today are the faces I saw.

(We almost made it all the way to the Paine without incident, but an interesting-looking cemetery lured us in for a brief sidebar. The first two faces are from there.)

The next two were actually parts of a very elaborate bench in the gardens at the Paine, though I for one would not choose to sit quietly between these two characters.

This last guy was one of the only contemporary pieces in the garden.

I like the color contrasts between his face and the golden leaves in the background. I’ll show you the whole piece tomorrow.

Next time: What we saw in the Paine Gardens.