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20141020_Oct Road Trip_5130

Wabi Sabi muses aloud so that you might more fully appreciate her complex artistic process: 

1. Sunset! Must take a picture!

2. Sunset through glass pyramids! Must take a picture!

3. Sunset through glass pyramids, lots of birds flying around. Must take a picture!

Later, while processing pictures:

4. Birds perched all over the left hand pyramid, not apparent until picture is blown up! Must pretend that was my plan all along!

A mix of rooftops and roofscapes. I can spin multiple stories for each one of them, but wouldn’t you rather weave your own?





A golden window is impossible to ignore without imagining the world within.  I think that inside that one warmly-lit apartment, a man is beginning to prepare dinner. It’s not a chore, but pleasure, and he is completely invested in the task, right down to the smallest detail.

There is a quiet deftness to his movements that tells us he has made this dish many times before and he works with just the hint of a smile on his face.

coq au vin orig