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A few posts ago, I introduced you to my friend and fellow photog, Tammy. When she and I  go out on a shoot together, we can literally be elbow to elbow for two hours but we’re not crowding each other.

Chart our results with a classic Venn Diagram (that’s the overlapping circle thing) and we have some shared shots but the majority are totally different. I like bridges and walls and Big Things. Tammy’s mantra is “Tiny and Shiny.”

We figured this out when we went to the circus together (Class assignment: an event.) Reviewing our shots after the show, it appeared that we’d attended two different performances.

If you are a photographer and you sometimes go out shooting with a friend, I’m thinking your experience is similar.  Your own eye is still your most important lens.

You’ve already seen my best/favorite shots from our visit to the Paine.

These are Tammy’s. LOVE them.