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And a squirrel. There was a squirrel, too, but he zipped out of the frame just as I took the picture.

As I said, Still Life with Turkeys and Fog.


Geese. Did I mention the geese? They were huge and flying low and loud (I could hear them long before they appeared over the tree line) but shooting directly up into a foggy gray sky produced more of…hmmm…an impression of geese rather than solid images.

The junkyard will return momentarily. Think of this post as a photographic sorbet before the next course.


Your friend, Wabi Sabi, is a fearless woman but Life can sometimes surprise her.

This is what she saw outside the window as she wandered into her living room this morning:


Oh! said Wabi Sabi. Why is a prehistoric creature standing on my deck and where is my camera?


This guy has been coming around for a couple of weeks.  I think he’s been eyeing up the finch feeder and trying to figure out how to cash in on some free food. At first, I only found his…um…calling cards on my deck. (He pooped on my deck. There. I said it. He pooped. And if there are any jokes about the “poop deck,” you are grounded.)

Then I actually saw him out there one afternoon, but by the time I’d grabbed my camera, he’d disappeared. Turkeys are a skittish lot.

But today? Now look: I am setting you up for a really bad joke here.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I mean it: you can still bail out before I get to the end of this story.


I admit it: I was shocked to come around a corner and come face to face with a…wait for it…wait for it…

okay, this is it…


Disclaimer: I gave you more than ample warning on this one. You could have walked away any time.