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No photo magic here. Just a bright day, open water and virtually no wind. I am standing on the west bank of the Fox between Dousman and Shawano, shooting across the river to the east side of Green Bay.





The bridge is the Walnut Street Bridge.

We’ve been over this before: on the east side, it is Walnut Street. Somewhere in the middle (?) it becomes Shawano Avenue.

Has anyone seen the FX series “The Bridge” or the Danish series that it is based on? If a crime is committed in the center of the Walnut Street Bridge, will that be East side jurisdiction or West side jurisdiction? 


The building with the white street-side façade is the Bellin Building. For many years it housed the National Cheese Exchange, a concept which I found to be unreasonably funny. I always wanted to bring in a half-eaten block of cheddar and demand to exchange it for some nice gouda.

I didn’t, but it was a struggle.

Wabi Sabi does make good choices sometimes. Not always, but sometimes.

 Today the Bellin Building is home to my favorite grown-up restaurant upstairs and my favorite coffee shop on the ground floor.

That’s where I landed at the end of my trek along the river, latte in hand, reviewing my captures for the day.