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One image, taken from the east bank of the Fox River and facing west.

Parked my car under the “Don’t Park Here” sign in the back of St. Brendan’s Inn, got out with my camera and then looked at the river. Actually gasped aloud and said something that my friend, Angie, would call an “excited utterance.”

This is the very first thing I saw:


Fully worth both a gasp and an utterance, I would say.


urban wall1

This is from a series I just started to play with. I’m enamored of both the textures and the endless riffs on gray.

Friday, I got OUT! Many layers of designer clothing were involved–labels like Cuddle Duds, Smartwool,  LL Bean and Columbia–but by golly, I got outside with my camera. Despite the heavy gray haze and dirty snow,  I was so excited that I kept breaking into grins and–yes–an occasional giggle.

I was down near one of the shelters and guys who normally do a lot of nodding and self-talk were actually routing themselves far around me. Women with crazy eyes who also self-talk (“Okay. Okay. Now check the ISO. Get closer. Oh sweet Mother of Pearl! Look at that brickwork!) are given a wide berth wherever we go.

I was back indoors three hours later, snug in a coffee shop , happy happy happy and checking out my shots.


These three are from the backside of an empty warehouse that I have been eyeballing for weeks now.



Is that not the finest door you have seen this year? I cannot believe it has taken me so long to check this place out.