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Last one of this series: Milwaukee’s RiverWalk at night.

good night




Like yesterday’s post,  “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder,” this shot was taken shortly after dawn on a Sunday morning in late December. I’m on the east bank of the Fox and down behind buildings that house sporting goods stores, boat supplies and repair shops and an Italian restaurant.

Sometimes when I am shooting industrial sites, I pick up some of the flavor of the area: the sugary-sweet vapor of the ethanol plant tangled itself in my hair and clothing and the inside of my car smelled like cotton candy long after the last glimpse of the plant had disappeared in the rear view mirror.   In today’s case, the area behind the ristorante where I was shooting was redolent with garlic and I returned to the car smelling like a Saturday night “Garlic Bread Special.”

Six weeks later as I am prepping these pictures to show you, I could swear there is a faint but pungent cloud of garlic wafting up from my screen. 

Carwash, that is.


Why? Flashing lights and blasting water, crazy loud machine noises and soap spray hitting the windows with loud “splats!” can provide some pretty fine entertainment on an otherwise dull January afternoon.


And the sky is gray.

I forget that the transition from autumn to winter here can be miserable: wet gray and cold. Today was all of that and more. Wind and rain gradually changed to snow and a road near my house has just been closed due to glare ice.

These shots are from Bayshore Park this afternoon. I love walking here in the fall. The smell of wood smoke hangs in the air mixed with the clean wet smell of leaves underfoot and I have seen cedar trees dense with cedar waxwings doing their best to strip the berries from the trees.

Come winter, it is the absolutely best place to snowshoe. The campground is closed and if you don’t mind breaking your own trails, you can wander large untouched stretches of brilliant white snow at will.

Late fall/early winter, however? The park is not fit for man nor beast.

But…photographers, maybe.

Some reflections from Bayshore:








I think I can. I think I can.

 red kayak1

nightfall going home crop

Five images

Although I was there for less than 24 hours, it is fair to say that I have developed a super-crush on Chattanooga. The Tennessee River winds through the city and there’s no shortage of bridges to move folks from one side of the river to the other.

20141020_Oct Road Trip_5104

20141020_Oct Road Trip_5021

The first image was taken from the Walnut Street Bridge, an amazing structure that is the second-longest pedestrian bridge in the country. The second is of the underside of that bridge.

The last three images are of the Market Street Bridge.

20141020_Oct Road Trip_4956

20141020_Oct Road Trip_4961

20141020_Oct Road Trip_4977

Love the kayakers in the final shot. Their presence makes the pillars appear gargantuan in contrast.