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From a recent back roads ramble: one image from the Maribel Grain Company of Maribel, Wisconsin.


The Devil’s River State Trail goes through Maribel, passing close enough to the feed mill that you can almost reach out and touch the building. It’s on my list of “Places to Explore” for this summer, particularly since the trail appears flat enough for my biking talents.

Wherever you live, I hope it is warm today. Here in Wisconsin it is and has been gray and cold. Sometimes the weather toasts up to “merely chilly” and those eternal optimists among us haul snow shovels to the shed and parkas to the basement. Persephone, who has been acting suspiciously like an emo teen this spring, teases us with this hint of normal, then loses enthusiasm for her project and sinks back to “cold” with an eye roll and a sigh.

That’s our scene today: cold, a short burst of sunshine, and then, exhausted by the effort of putting on a good face, she doubled down on the gray, added an aggressive wind and infused the whole thing with a wet and penetrating cold. Being outdoors is like being smacked around by a cold and wet dirty gray towel.

I stand ready for summer.

Carwash, that is.


Why? Flashing lights and blasting water, crazy loud machine noises and soap spray hitting the windows with loud “splats!” can provide some pretty fine entertainment on an otherwise dull January afternoon.


The Final Four from The Old Barn.  (To better catch the details, click on the photos to enlarge.)

I showed you this window in an earlier post, but here’s a different crop. If I had to tell you why I am so fond of this picture–and I am!–I think it comes down to the nails.

All of them.

There are plenty to love.


I considered cropping this next shot down to just feature the window, but there are so many components–ropes and shingles, fallen door with some aggressive nails–I decided to leave them all in to flavor the stew.

(This also illustrates why the owners were hesitant about my getting too close to the structure.)


Another brilliant green and red combo on a field of gray.


Finally, one last Wabi Sabi window. Before the series is finished, I will show you this window set in the context of an entire wall. Guaranteed: you will love it.


Next time, we’ll check out some Old Barn hardware.

Wabi Sabi is once more preparing to make the journey to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Last year’s pie wasn’t a great success despite all the effort I put into baking it and transporting and sneaking it across the state line. This year I am being far more reasonable and am packing my espresso machine, milk frother and half a dozen bottles of wine.

And enough cash to buy a pie at the Duty-Free Pie Shop just across the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

More from the Old Barn. If you can, click to view full-sized.



First of two posts featuring the windows of the Old Barn and spotlighting a little sill and pane action.


Oh…and nice reflection of one of the out buildings.




And finally, a little more sill, a little less pane.


20141020_Oct Road Trip_5130

Wabi Sabi muses aloud so that you might more fully appreciate her complex artistic process: 

1. Sunset! Must take a picture!

2. Sunset through glass pyramids! Must take a picture!

3. Sunset through glass pyramids, lots of birds flying around. Must take a picture!

Later, while processing pictures:

4. Birds perched all over the left hand pyramid, not apparent until picture is blown up! Must pretend that was my plan all along!