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Behold Phragmites Australis, also known as “common reed grass,” “giant reed” or “ditch reed. ” Whatever name this tall (up to 20 feet high) grass goes by, it is a non-native plant that has established a real foothold in Wisconsin, wrecking havoc on shorelines and wetlands, crowding out native species of plants and in some cases, pushing animals from their established cover.

Setting aside those grim facts for a moment (“…but other than THAT, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”) I was bedazzled by the reed’s seed head after a recent rain. The rain had temporarily pushed the phragmites down so that many of those red/purple tasseled heads were at my eye level.






Door County, Wisconsin.




Motion blur, light manipulation (and, really–isn’t that what photography is all about?) or, as I think of it: light scraping. Pulling out the details and leaving an impression of light and color. Whatever it is, I can’t shake my fascination with trees and reeds and other lovely upright botanical marvels shot in this impressionistic style.

You do not want to be driving in the woods with me. Trust me.

Last one of this series: Milwaukee’s RiverWalk at night.

good night



If you could photograph feelings, this is me yelling “Happy! Happy! Happy!”


I am always and ever more an Edward Hopper fan. I don’t know if he visited Milwaukee when he was alive, but his spirit was surely wandering around with me when I was there a few nights ago.

my milwaukee hopper

It would have been nice to see a lone office worker in one of those windows to complete the illusion, but I’m happy with what I got.