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Six images

We’ve had early morning fog here for four of the past ten days, so I think my posts for the next two weeks will reflect that.

Unless I see something else all shiny.

Or a squirrel.

But right now, our theme for the next several posts will be “Fog.”

Bay Beach Amusement Park,  7:00 Saturday morning,  well before the park opened and the Labor Day weekend crowds began to arrive.


This is the Zippin Pippin, a classic wooden roller coaster.



The fog provided a spectacular filter and I had my exposure dialed up to account for it. Generally the wood has a warm golden tone but that was negated by the fog and I saw no reason to attempt to recapture that color.


My favorite thing about the Pippin is the structure itself: the framework, the hardware, and the wood grain. If you have time, click on the pictures for a larger view. Then you can see what I mean about the wood.


Yes, I have ridden the Zippin Pippin–exactly once–and the crazed litany that passed through my lips for the entire ride would have done a sailor proud.


Six images. No idea why WordPress is featuring the You Tube embed from the end of the post.

Life at the Abandoned Sawmill was fraught with danger.








Five images

Okay. Start humming  “Thus Spake Zarathustra,” then check out this first shot:


Majestic or what?

The rest of today’s offerings are much calmer.




I was–and am, I confess–pretty enamored of this last shot. I entered it in a juried competition but it didn’t make the cut. However, I am happy to report that a non-barn picture was selected for that show which opens in January. (Insert emoticon of Wabi Sabi doing cartwheels across the page.)



Five images.

Back to the Old Barn. I continue to be wowed by the persistence of red on the screws and nails, while the wood has mostly just sighed and given it up. The softness of the surface in the last image makes it far more evocative of fabric than wood.






The Final Four from The Old Barn.  (To better catch the details, click on the photos to enlarge.)

I showed you this window in an earlier post, but here’s a different crop. If I had to tell you why I am so fond of this picture–and I am!–I think it comes down to the nails.

All of them.

There are plenty to love.


I considered cropping this next shot down to just feature the window, but there are so many components–ropes and shingles, fallen door with some aggressive nails–I decided to leave them all in to flavor the stew.

(This also illustrates why the owners were hesitant about my getting too close to the structure.)


Another brilliant green and red combo on a field of gray.


Finally, one last Wabi Sabi window. Before the series is finished, I will show you this window set in the context of an entire wall. Guaranteed: you will love it.


Next time, we’ll check out some Old Barn hardware.

Wabi Sabi is once more preparing to make the journey to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Last year’s pie wasn’t a great success despite all the effort I put into baking it and transporting and sneaking it across the state line. This year I am being far more reasonable and am packing my espresso machine, milk frother and half a dozen bottles of wine.

And enough cash to buy a pie at the Duty-Free Pie Shop just across the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

More from the Old Barn. If you can, click to view full-sized.


First of two posts featuring the windows of the Old Barn and spotlighting a little sill and pane action.


Oh…and nice reflection of one of the out buildings.




And finally, a little more sill, a little less pane.