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Not enough haze to be fog, but enough to lay a filter over my early morning outing.


And a squirrel. There was a squirrel, too, but he zipped out of the frame just as I took the picture.

As I said, Still Life with Turkeys and Fog.


Geese. Did I mention the geese? They were huge and flying low and loud (I could hear them long before they appeared over the tree line) but shooting directly up into a foggy gray sky produced more of…hmmm…an impression of geese rather than solid images.

The junkyard will return momentarily. Think of this post as a photographic sorbet before the next course.


One more post from an after-rain walk in the woods. Four images, no chatter.





Seven images

From a recent walk in the Arboretum and using the 60mm lens. Motion blur (I am moving the camera ) studies of some thick and gnarly tree trunks. There is a color range here from browns/tans through greens caused by the light around the trees,  sunlight (more or less,) and greenery, both close-by and reflected.

I’m just as intrigued by the textures in each of these pictures. The movement of the camera smooths the thick rough tree bark into something softer and more fluid–almost silken–but the curves and shadows still remain.






In the next shot, why such a distinction?


Two trees, trunks touching , but one set a little back and more shaded.



ive had this dream before

So, one minute I’m a diligent and conscientious blogger and the next…”Shiny!”

Yowza! Let the wandering of my attention begin.

Any time I’ve gotten close to anything WordPressy,  I’m  all “Squirrel!” or “Shiny Squirrel” or even “Shiny Chocolate Squirrel!” And, I’m off.

Not that I haven’t been taking pictures. I have. In fact, for the past month or so, I have been Woman Obsessed with Trees. So, to be completely honest, I’ve been spending time with my camera, just not my computer.

This is some of what I’ve been doing and given that I generally do very realistic work, it’s a huge departure.


I’m not all that sure HOW to share the new stuff,  so I’ve been stockpiling my work instead of sharing it. That pretty much explains my absence.

Plus, there was this shiny squirrel…

From the Department of Cool News, three (!!) of my pieces were juried into the CoPA show in Kenosha. The show opens tomorrow, June 21, at the Anderson Art Center, though I will not be able to attend. (Apparently, the show will open regardless of my presence or lack thereof.)  Truly, an outstandingly beautiful facility. Their website can be found here:

I am sorry that I have missed reading and commenting on blogs that I follow, especially YOURS. I will get right on that. If I had started looking around, I would have felt all guilty and inadequate because you were all producing and I was not. I anticipate a great wealth of material waiting for my reading pleasure and artistic astonishment.

On a winter’s day.

Well, two days, actually, but let’s take some poetic license here, shall we?

Snowfall, Bayshore Park


Field behind the old Nooyen Farm


The Sisters’ Orchard


The Sisters’ Field


Dusk in front of Holy Cross Church


Corner of Church and Bay Settlement Roads