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Three Lakes, Wisconsin. A gallery of nine detail shots.

The interior of this Art Deco gem should come with a trigger warning for folks who are inclined to swoon over lines and arches and the play of light and shadows.





Some lovely late-blooming tulips:

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I’m more than a little pleased with my results. I was shooting with a 60mm lens, camera handheld, and with a bit of a breeze to make things interesting.

I think I have found my lens of choice for the next six weeks: the 60mm. Nothing else has been working for me for a few months now–I couldn’t shoot a good picture for the life of me– and frankly, I thought my Muse had permanently moved on to greener pastures. I’ve changed my mind on that–I don’t think my Muse has wandered off so much as she has been viewing the world through increasingly dirty windows. I’m having cataract surgery in mid-June and I’m pretty confident that once I have a cleaner view of the world, my Muse will shift into overdrive to make up for lost time.

Meanwhile, closeups with the 60mm seem to be working well–all I can produce with other lenses are flat, blurred or incorrectly exposed shots.

The last time I posted, I suggested that maybe once all the crazy at Chez Wabi Sabi had settled down, I would reward myself with a new lens. The implication there was camera lens. Honestly, new lenses for my eyeballs was not what I had in mind.

 I guess that when one speaks with the Universe, one needs to be specific as to plans and intent. 🙂




Five images

It’s that time of year.






Yesterday’s ethereal beauty minus the glam, though she is still quite a looker.






As before, these were shot with my camera (Canon 60D) hand held, with a prime 60mm lens and an aperture setting of f2.8. 

It’s that glorious time of the summer when Mother Nature, giddy with her own power, lets it all fly in one mind-bending go-for-broke explosion of flowers. My beds (and I use the term loosely since I am not a tidy gardener) look as though a cosmic color box has dropped on them, tubes and pots of brilliant color spilling all across their expanse.

I’ve tried to ignore all that color-rioting, but I can’t. I dug out my 60mm lens and have been wandering, a little giddy myself, through both my own gardens and the fields behind my house.

white slice


pink slice

Purple Coneflower

queen slice

Queen Anne’s Lace

yellow slice

Golden Glow

This may take a few days to sort out.

Wrapping up our look at the plant in Cambria, Wisconsin:


I know: same but different. I hoped you might excuse that repetition, based on the slightly different framing. All that yellow and brown…yum…plus several elements visible in one shot but not the other. I needed seconds.


And finally, some relative simplicity to be plucked from all the chaos and movement of the shots from a couple of days ago. No crazy mazes of wires or pipes or steam:





Four images because my world could use some brilliant color right about now.

20120726_3 Lakes and Sunflowers_6376

20120726_3 Lakes and Sunflowers_6343

20120726_3 Lakes and Sunflowers_6344

20120726_3 Lakes and Sunflowers_6355

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
And I say it’s all right
It’s all right
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