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Water in front of the Pulliam Plant stays open all year round. While I was eying up industrial reflections in the water today, there was a fellow in an older van–and no, he did not offer me candy–who was busy with his binoculars pointed skyward, studying an eagle circling the area.

Perhaps it was a buzzard eying up Wabi Sabi.  She does not move as quickly as she once did.

No, no. It was an eagle. While it is true that Wabi Sabi moves with deliberate speed on potentially icy surfaces, there are several eagles who nest near the Pulliam Plant year round.

I find this resident population of eagles has really streamlined my spiritual life. In the past, I would have to fast and pray and then go sit under a tree and wait for an eagle to appear with a vision for my quest.

Now I grab a coffee in a to-go cup, drive down to the nesting area  and drum my fingers on the steering wheel until an idea occurs to me.

One and done.