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Airport, train station, Metro, hotel and Pere Lachaise. I was a woman on a mission.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in the rain.

I believe this set can compete in the Rooftops, Rain and Cemeteries categories all at once.


The walk from the hotel was gray and threatening and after an hour in the cemetery, it began to rain. The rain came and went in waves and each time it returned, it was a little colder and harder.



The first few times, it was possible to seek shelter under trees and stay dry.


Eventually, though, I was forced to take sanctuary in empty sepulchers. Seriously. I was totally NOT ooked-out by the whole open crypt business because they felt more like Dr. Who call boxes.

No, the spirit world was not an issue. The living world was. Bravely turning my back on the dusty scenes within, I stood determinedly chanting my heartfelt prayer: “No spiders. No spiders. No spiders. Pleeeeeze.”


While trying to shoot into a crypt, Wabi Sabi shoots an inadvertent selfie.