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Your friend, Wabi Sabi, is gifted and talented in many ways but one area where she particularly excels is in the Art of Whining.

Why can’t I have an apartment in Paris?

Who is this old woman who keeps showing up in my selfies?

Why are there so many cat posts on Facebook?

I’ve been whining lately because even though my prodigal lens has returned to the fold, my chances for magnificent architectural shots anywhere nearby are severely limited.

Why can’t I live someplace cool?

And then I woke to patchy fog on Friday, grabbed my coffee, my camera and car keys and went to explore the neighborhood.

All of these shots were taken within 3 miles of my house in the space of just one hour. 

Church Road, east of the highway

Ullmer's Farm on Bay Settlement Road. The Bay is below but shrouded in fog.

A little farther down Bay Settlement on the east side of the road


Two shorebirds and a tire:  Communiversity Park on the Bay



 A pretty productive hour, starting with two shots of espresso and ending with a Zen moment near the water. Yes, I’m still annoyed that I can’t live in Paris fulltime, but can admit my real-world neighborhood is nothing to whine about.