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 Kiri is the fog of autumn and winter.

I drove down to the Bay at noon today with the full intention of taking a hike in the Arboretum, but the bank of fog rolling in was too powerful for my photographer’s soul to resist. The fog thickened and shifted around me, luring me ever farther along the water’s edge and I was happy to follow.

When the visibility was finally too poor for any more shots and I was as far from my car as I could get, then the downpour started.




This last shot is calligraphy writ with careful strokes on the water’s surface.


If you can, click on the individual pictures to see them in a larger format.

Snow,  heavy and wet, started Sunday afternoon. Monday morning felt as though we’d all fallen into a brilliant blue and white painting.

Beautiful as it was, I went outdoors reluctantly, not really sure what I was looking for.

I heard them coming before they appeared over the treeline.


Strung across the sky, the geese are lines of calligraphy.




Zen koans for the earthbound.