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Some additional shots of the railroad bridge in Hastings.






Be honest: I’ve been gone for a week and you were wondering if it would be necessary to launch a “Free Wabi Sabi!”  letter-writing campaign.

I am back safely in Wisconsin. While I really don’t care to go into the whole pie escapade (on advice of counsel,)  I will say that there is more than one place to slip across the Minnesota border to avoid jack-booted guards wielding canisters of Reddi-Whip.

But, ooooh…..Damn those pie-sniffing dogs!

Thanksgiving on my mind.

Three shots of one segment of a railroad bridge in Hastings, Minnesota.

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What bizarre ideas possess us at times when we are gathering with our families? Why is it that your friend, Wabi Sabi, is determined beyond all reason to bake a pie and bring it to Minnesota on Friday?

First of all, I believe that there is some Minnesota law that forbids the import of any pie not baked by either a Scandinavian woman or at the very least, a non-lapsed Lutheran, so there might actually be a border incident on these points alone.

There is no discussion to be had on this one. I have baked a Brulee Maple-Pumpkin pie (Saveur, December 2013) and am hauling it across Wisconsin for a 7 hour drive. Tucked into one of my countless bags, I have my blowtorch and raw sugar so that I may actually do the brulee part on site.

If I don’t declare the blowtorch at the border, can I get nailed for violating a concealed carry law in addition to the charges of Felonious Pie Transport?