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 I was down below my favorite bridge yesterday morning. This is the 172 Bridge, sometimes referred to as the Allouez-Ashwaubenon Bridge,  and it spans the Fox River as one of the two major traffic-carrying bridges in the area.



I like these slices. I finished them softly to evoke a cathedral or sacred space feeling.


Next, the underside of the roadway, taken a little right of center and using a Sigma Ultra Wide lens. By cropping the support structure out, I was going for a high speed power blast.

power blast


And, as long as I was down there, why not finish with a nice slice of graffiti?


###       #######       #######       ###

Bridges are a hot topic here in Green Bay, especially the Leo Frigo Bridge (also known as the Tower Drive Bridge) which developed an alarming two foot sag a few days ago!  The Frigo will be closed for at least 18 months or more and that closure is wreaking havoc on East-West travel in the area. Click here for a bazillion pix of the sagging bridge: