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I believe I have mentioned the heart-breaking soul-numbing mind-bending cold we’ve been experiencing here. These shots were taken this morning before noon. I am back in the house now and have no intention of leaving again until Wednesday morning when I have to (gasp!) go to work. (Weather note: temps with wind chill are expected to hit nearly -50 F after midnight tonight.)


The tower you see in this picture is the Pulliam Plant with the Tower Drive Bridge (now open to traffic!) in front.

More on the Pulliam Plant in upcoming posts. I really went out today with the determination to get some good shots at that site, and I think I may have succeeded.

But then I got caught up in chasing smokestacks. The next shots are from a paper mill and a cement company.

stylized smoke



Nothing says Arctic Blast like the vast acreage of  steam around mills and power plants.