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From Sunday’s visit to Sturgeon Bay. The first two shots are very similar, but cropped to give you some idea of the size of the tugs up against the freighters. The red and blue ship that they are working with is the Edgar B Speer.





This last shot is hard to present with a size restriction. Viewed at about 4×6, the impact is just lost. (It’s my picture and MY eyes don’t know where to rest.) It really needs to be viewed full-sized, so click on it if you can. Then, it makes sense.


  There is the deckhand and there is the expanse of ice. I don’t think the conflict has any weight unless you can see the “face” of each.

Yes. It is still cold here.


Facing the Bay, Pulliam Plant to my left.

From Friday’s breakout tour of industrial Green Bay. This is where the Fox River empties into the Bay.





When I said that Friday saw a rise in temps, everything is relative. It is still winter in Wisconsin.

Shot through my dining room window on Wednesday morning. I seriously could not summon the will to go out of doors to capture any more magical snow moments. I am officially tapping out of the Winter Wonderland League of Photographers.

After two days of heavy rains, we’d been down to soggy grass, but Mother Nature staged a full-on midnight percussion concert on Tuesday night, showcasing her newest composition: Thundersnow!  Yipes!  It was incredibly loud, shaking the house and waking everyone.  Sunrise on Wednesday revealed a return to a thick cover of snow.

(For most of us, “Drum roll, please” is just an expression. Mother Nature is apparently a literalist.)

I’ve noticed that many members of the Clean Driveway Club on my road have just refused to shovel for this last storm, driving right through the mess and trusting that it will–eventually–melt for good.

2013Apr10_Bird feeder snow_2779 as Smart Object-1

2013Apr10_Bird feeder snow_2767 as Smart Object-1

As of late in the day Thursday, it hasn’t.