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The State Capitol Building in Springfield, Illinois.

reflecting 2

I am really really pleased with this picture. Actually, I have maybe six (ten?) that I took of this exchange. In the first instance, I have desaturated the colors and cropped out some of the reflections, leaving the silhouettes holding the stage on their own.

In this second version, you can see more of what I was really seeing–the warmth of the lights as they repeat themselves down the length of the wing.


I doubt I am the only one who travels a circuitous path to getting the pictures I’m most happy with. Here in the capitol building, I was taking some pretty standard…dare I say, cliché?…shots of stained glass, old wood: the usual. Then I noticed how incredibly shiny (SQUIRREL!) the floor was and started playing with the reflections off its highly polished surface,  following the interplay of light and patterns…and that led me to these two guys. By the time I saw them silhouetted at the end of the hall…yowza!

 I expect that if I had seen them first, I might have been oblivious to my good fortune.