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Nothing fancy with these shots. Just want to share how heart-stoppingly beautiful this massive structure is.


When I was in college, people came down here to swim. The water was shallow, the bottom was sandy and it was called the “Hot Pond” because the mine dumped mass quantities of hot water here. I don’t know what the water had been used for, but there were no dead fish in the area, so I’m sure it was perfectly safe.



This dock is known as the Upper Harbor or Presque Isle Dock and is owned by Cliffs Resources. The trains working here are the Lake Superior and Ishpeming line.



Please click on the pictures for the expanded view–you just can’t get a feel for a structure like this in reduced format.  Also, on these pictures, particularly the 4th one, I believe that the ND filter I mentioned yesterday made all the difference in capturing such brilliant blues and reds.