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Monday morning opened with thick fog and , even though it was only 6 a.m., I thought it would be near-criminal if I didn’t stagger outdoors with my camera. My initial plan had been to either walk down to the sisters’ orchard or maybe even to the Falls, but I spent the next two hours in my own backyard and there was more than enough to keep me happy.





There are a few words that just drop me to the floor with unrestrained giggles. One is “shrubbery” and if you are a Monty Python fan, I need say no more. (In fact, if you are a Monty Python fan, you are at this moment going on about herring and shouting “Ni!” at your computer.) The other one is “jewelry.” When I say  “jewelry” aloud, I flash immediately on Gilda Radner’s classic SNL rant on “Soviet Jewelry” and that’s it for me. These bejeweled spider webs are strands of diamonds, exquisite necklaces, Mother Nature’s jewelry…oh, bother. There I go again.

It was really hard to come up with a title for this post that DIDN’T go there. I considered “Jewelry on the Shrubbery” for a title, but knew I’d have to spend hours cleaning the coffee off my screen and keyboard.

Shot through my dining room window on Wednesday morning. I seriously could not summon the will to go out of doors to capture any more magical snow moments. I am officially tapping out of the Winter Wonderland League of Photographers.

After two days of heavy rains, we’d been down to soggy grass, but Mother Nature staged a full-on midnight percussion concert on Tuesday night, showcasing her newest composition: Thundersnow!  Yipes!  It was incredibly loud, shaking the house and waking everyone.  Sunrise on Wednesday revealed a return to a thick cover of snow.

(For most of us, “Drum roll, please” is just an expression. Mother Nature is apparently a literalist.)

I’ve noticed that many members of the Clean Driveway Club on my road have just refused to shovel for this last storm, driving right through the mess and trusting that it will–eventually–melt for good.

2013Apr10_Bird feeder snow_2779 as Smart Object-1

2013Apr10_Bird feeder snow_2767 as Smart Object-1

As of late in the day Thursday, it hasn’t.