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A recent visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum yielded these wonderful studies in light and shadow.


The curves and lines of this building are endlessly fascinating–seductive, really–and I often find myself more caught up in studying the structure itself than the artwork that I have come to see.




Soooo…did anyone notice I was gone for a bit? I can explain.


At this point in the mind-numbing soul-crushing winter of our disconnect, most of my friends in the upper Midwest have fled to Florida for respite from the Vortex of Doom. Well, not to be outdone by those crazy snowbirds, Wabi Sabi left Wisconsin for a week as well. And what a week it was! Everyday the temps shot skyward, sometimes kissing 20 degrees above zero– nearly 40 degrees warmer than back home!  A thick coating of ice on every surface!

Welcome to New England.

I  felt totally at home in New Hampshire where the state motto is “Live Free or Die.” It sounds so much like “Eat Cheese and Die,” the state motto of Wisconsin. (We only appear to be a happy people. We do have a dark side.)

Now, maybe every night, those Florida folks went to bed and slipped between cool sheets to dream of more margaritas and coconut oil. I will admit that Wabi Sabi didn’t. Wabi Sabi put on her flannel pajamas, crawled under three quilts…and fell asleep with the sweet perfume of brand new baby girl dancing round her head.

Oh, yeah. Welcome to the tribe, Maya.