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Jean’s husband, Bill, is a man of passions. One of those passions is golf.
Another is his woodpile.






I believe it goes without saying that Jean makes that list as well, though I’m not clear as to exactly where she places.

I went to a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit today at the Rahr-West in Manitowoc.  There were some pieces of furniture and some textile samples, but the exhibit was primarily architectural drawing for everything from rugs to lamps to entire homes. One of my take-aways was Wright’s strong desire to make the connection in his homes between the outdoors and the indoors, to blur the lines between the two using skylights and windows and even glass walls.

I couldn’t help but think of that this evening while I was prepping these pictures for today’s post. Certainly these windows completely dissolve that line, making the transition from inside to outside absolutely seamless.






More from the barn in Pella: A stunning door that deserves a post all its own.

Please scroll to the end of this post to see what the whole barn once looked  like–Jean was kind enough to send a picture today.

red door3

red door5

red door4

red door2

red door1

And now…The Barn!

jeans barn

My friend, Jean,  lives on five acres that she and her husband purchased in the 70’s in the Town of Pella. That included, until relatively recently, a massive barn that was,  in its heyday,  the Taj Mahal of all the barns in the county. I’ve seen pictures of the structure, but all that stands today is the foundation.

20130703_Harper FarmII_0207

20130703_Harper FarmII_0205

Yesterday’s post was from the interior of the barn. I really thought you’d like to see the big picture of these magnificent remains, so that subsequent posts of windows and stonework and arches could be placed in context.

20130703_Harper FarmII_0189

20130703_Harper FarmII_0132

20130703_Harper Farm_0049

As always, I encourage you to click on individual images for the enlarged versions.

 Jean:  Feel free to insert commentary and/or corrections. I should have taken notes when you were telling me about the history of the barn.

Oh, Wabi Sabi, you camera-toting minx! Where have you been now?






My newest camera:  a Canon 60D. I bought it as a second body/backup for my trusty 7D but after Wednesday’s shoot, I think I will find the two interchangeable. Really, really like it.

(And I’ll tell you where I was in the next post.)