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And just where was your friend, Wabi Sabi, this weekend? What exotic locale was that woman visiting? A Japanese shrine?  A meditation retreat?

lower dock

Maybe a defunct ore dock on Lake Superior?

If you chose ore dock, you win. 

I drove to Marquette this weekend to see my friend, Karen: my partner in crime since we were 13 years old. Even though the statutes of limitations have probably run out on most of those crimes, we prefer not to talk about them. For a long time, that was to spare our parents undue distress. Now it’s to avoid leading our grandchildren astray.

For two and a half days, we were on a Wabi Sabi Quest.  We were looking for beat-up, broke-down, and abandoned and we found all of that and more: an orphanage, iron mine, ore dock, warehouses by the score, and the crazy-beautiful side streets of Negaunee. All derelict, cracked, boarded up, rusted out and  festooned with “No Trespassing” signs which we pretty much ignored.

Some things just don’t change.

It will take me weeks to share the best of our discoveries with you.