Posts Tagged ‘These are not easy shots to get: you need to crouch down to get all eye-level with the veggies. I caught fast-pitch for years and then it was easy. Now? Down is still good. Getting up? Not so much.’

Saturday’s visit to the Farmer’s Market in a quasi-panoramic format, because I’m still playing with the odd-sized crops.
Ha! I get it: “crops” like photos and “crops” like produce.
Oh, Wabi Sabi, you need to back away from the middle-schoolers asap.

20130907_Farmers Marketcrop_2451

20130907_Farmers Marketcrop_2440

20130907_Farmers Marketcrop_2437

20130907_Farmers Marketcrop_2464

20130907_Farmers Marketcrop_2468

Finally, just to show you what a gastronomically-diverse community we are:

20130907_Farmers Market_2417

AND…the chef was Hmong.

Yes!  A cultural hat-trick!