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Seven images

From a recent walk in the Arboretum and using the 60mm lens. Motion blur (I am moving the camera ) studies of some thick and gnarly tree trunks. There is a color range here from browns/tans through greens caused by the light around the trees,  sunlight (more or less,) and greenery, both close-by and reflected.

I’m just as intrigued by the textures in each of these pictures. The movement of the camera smooths the thick rough tree bark into something softer and more fluid–almost silken–but the curves and shadows still remain.






In the next shot, why such a distinction?


Two trees, trunks touching , but one set a little back and more shaded.



An afternoon of snowshoeing through the most glorious winter woods you could imagine turned into an overnight in Egg Harbor when wind and snow made a return drive to Green Bay impossible.


Good friends, big fireplace, good wine and much snappy conversation can tame a snowstorm any day.

Wisconsin on Wednesday

A quick tour of the backyard around 2:00 and then it was back inside to the fireplace.





Holy cow! Always vigilant for feral dogs and mud swallows, I stumble upon a feral fence and live to tell the story!

Early Monday morning, post-dawnish:

Fog/gray/heavy wet air/lots of new wet snow.  It seemed a fine idea to see what that combination looked like over in the fields behind the church.

Yet…I was reluctant to go exploring in those beautiful fog-softened snow-covered acres.  At the top of my questions/concerns list was Do I really really feel a deep-seated need to go crawling around in the moist-ish snow and get all cold and soggy?

Not one to be hasty about these things, I did brew a pot of coffee and lingered a long while over that first cup while I mulled the issue. Other questions naturally followed: Where were my good wool socks? Which boots should I wear? What are the chances I can lose 5 pounds before I leave for Florida?

When nothing else came up that could divert me from leaving the house, I walked down the hill to the land belonging to the Sisters of St Francis.  I wandered a little deeper than usual into the fields and was rewarded by finding a fence which had enthusiastically gone native. (Think Fence Version of Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now!)

20130128_Orchard Fenceedit_1382 as Smart Object-1!

20130128_Orchard Fenceedit_1383 as Smart Object-1

I’ve finished each of these shots just a little differently because each seemed to ask for slightly different handling.

20130128_Orchard Fenceedit_1406 as Smart Object-1


20130128_Orchard Fenceedit_1392 as Smart Object-1

I was out for maybe an hour. The fields were beautiful, the fence was a treasure and wet wasn’t a problem, not with good wool socks and the right boots.

***  **   ***

Beauty is twice beauty

and what is good is doubly good

when it is a matter of two socks

made of wool in winter.

Pablo Neruda

bw tree linesized

Late fall. Next stop: winter.

IMG_1541 as Smart Object-1

IMG_1566 as Smart Object-1

IMG_1571 as Smart Object-1

field and screen1

IMG_1675 as Smart Object-1

The Bay Settlement Sisters of St. Francis own a large chunk of farmland (which they rent out) and a small apple orchard (which they use.)

Their property is a few hundred steps from my front door, so when I woke to fog nuzzling my window, I knew where I wanted to be.

Walk down the path between the rows of trees for maybe half a mile more and you would be standing on the shore of Green Bay.

Now that you have your bearings, I think I can let you be.

And finally, back on Church Road and standing in the ditch: