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Sorry…make that “Wabi Sabi Abroad.”

Darned punctuation “conventions.”

rooftops 1

Ten full days in Paris. Maybe 800 pictures.  I can break them down into Rain, Rooftops, Cemeteries and Building Facades with a small group labelled Totally Random Stuff. I will be weaving them in and out of posts for the next six months.

Thought I’d start with a rooftop shot.

(Brace yourself. There’s more where this came from.)

Well, I certainly missed you while I was gone.

Holy cow! Always vigilant for feral dogs and mud swallows, I stumble upon a feral fence and live to tell the story!

Early Monday morning, post-dawnish:

Fog/gray/heavy wet air/lots of new wet snow.  It seemed a fine idea to see what that combination looked like over in the fields behind the church.

Yet…I was reluctant to go exploring in those beautiful fog-softened snow-covered acres.  At the top of my questions/concerns list was Do I really really feel a deep-seated need to go crawling around in the moist-ish snow and get all cold and soggy?

Not one to be hasty about these things, I did brew a pot of coffee and lingered a long while over that first cup while I mulled the issue. Other questions naturally followed: Where were my good wool socks? Which boots should I wear? What are the chances I can lose 5 pounds before I leave for Florida?

When nothing else came up that could divert me from leaving the house, I walked down the hill to the land belonging to the Sisters of St Francis.  I wandered a little deeper than usual into the fields and was rewarded by finding a fence which had enthusiastically gone native. (Think Fence Version of Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now!)

20130128_Orchard Fenceedit_1382 as Smart Object-1!

20130128_Orchard Fenceedit_1383 as Smart Object-1

I’ve finished each of these shots just a little differently because each seemed to ask for slightly different handling.

20130128_Orchard Fenceedit_1406 as Smart Object-1


20130128_Orchard Fenceedit_1392 as Smart Object-1

I was out for maybe an hour. The fields were beautiful, the fence was a treasure and wet wasn’t a problem, not with good wool socks and the right boots.

***  **   ***

Beauty is twice beauty

and what is good is doubly good

when it is a matter of two socks

made of wool in winter.

Pablo Neruda

bw tree linesized

To me, the whole reason for being a photographer is to tell stories, either the ones that are in my head or the ones that spring from what I see.  In doing so, I also want to offer canvas to a viewer to tell his or her own story.

I took these pictures nearly a year ago. I like them. They’re not Art with a capital A, but they’re interesting.  If I could remember where I took these shots, I’d go back and work at achieving much better composition. What bothers me is that no matter how often I’ve tried, I am absolutely unable to weave a narrative to go with the visuals.

20120217_2891 as Smart Object-1

Is there a story here? Yes…

20120217_2872 as Smart Object-1

Do I know what it is? No…

20120217_2881 as Smart Object-1

Can I make something up?

20120217_2873 as Smart Object-1

Apparently not.

I became a Boxcar Children fan when I was seven years old. The series, which has hypnotized young readers since 1924, follows the adventures of four clever and resourceful orphans who set up their new domicile in a…wait for it…wait for it…abandoned boxcar!

As with many series characters, the kids seemed to tread water in terms of aging no matter how many mysteries they solved. (In this, they have much in common with Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone who has been in her mid-thirties for nearly three decades.) I imagine that if/when they finally did get all grown-up and successful, they probably brought some emotional baggage along from their boxcar days.

Baggage such as demanding, for the rest of their lives, that any house they occupied, great or small, have doors that look like this:

train door

20121004_Marinette_8713 as sizedunfilteredSmart Object-1

Abandoned boxcars, Pembine. I rapped on the doors, but the kids were out.

PDerozier_January Downtown_Digital Photography_12x21_entry 3


My Facebook page for Patricia Derozier Photography (see the bottom of this page for a link) is up and, if not running, at least chugging along. (It had been dormant for 6 months.) It did occur to me that with all my concerns about feral dogs and feral mud swallows, I had neglected to fear a feral Facebook page. I have dutifully added it to my list of concerns and am working to keep it from going wild.

The Facebook page has information about shows in which I have had work and two shows (one in Milwaukee and one in Wausau) which open on Friday night, January 18.  Please visit that site or I will have to list all that show stuff on this page.

If you are not a Facebook person, but would like links to some of the information there, please let me know and I will be happy to share that with you.

I did include links to the show in Duluth that we all had a fine time pretending to attend. (Gosh, that was fun!) There’s a link to the exhibit catalog (impressive!) and a brief YouTube video on the exhibit as well (really impressive!) No wonder we had such a good time!

Sometimes I push for a gritty look in my finished pictures, especially when surfaces are already rough and peeling and well down that road. Here, the remaining colors are so faint as to be mere suggestions of what once was. I find the hints of green and pink to be so unexpectedly touching that the only choice is to offer this aging beauty a gentle hand.

20121004_Marinette_8718 as editSmart Object-1

20121004_Marinette_8717 as editSmart Object-1

20121004_Marinette_8720 as editSmart Object-1