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On Christmas Day (12/25) I posted some of the pictures I took when my friend and I slipped into a deserted barn and were rewarded with visions of gold-washed wood and hay.

 But wait! There’s more!

While I was still looking for one more shot, one more perfect shot, I heard Marjorie on the other side of a wall. “Go outside and come around! You need to see this!”

And, indeed I did.

20121222_0812 as Smart Object-1

That same golden light that had dazzled us in the hay barn filled most of this space as well.

20121222_0818 as Smart Object-1

20121222_0806 as Smart Object-1

20121222_0823 as Smart Object-1

Marjorie was standing in the middle of familiar ground,  having grown up on a farm that looked much like this one. And, even as we were losing all sensation in our fingers and toes in the bitter cold, our discussion turned, as it repeatedly does, to the influences we bring from our past to our art.  This line, that perspective, these colors, those images: they feel right. I don’t know why, but they’re singing to me. And, often, that song can be traced all the way back to that territory of our childhoods.

Because she frequently offers commentary on my posts and pictures and has figured in other posts I’ve done, I thought you might like to see some of Marjorie’s artwork. Her website (not a blog) is

Brace yourself!

20121227_0961 as sizedSmart Object-1

I should probably apologize, shouldn’t I? It’s just that I can only keep those dorky word-play impulses quashed for so long and then…BAM! I’m powerless. Next thing I know, I wake up in a public library parking lot surrounded by old puns and used quips, my clothes reeking of  stale double-entendres, and a rumpled note containing a single cryptic homonym clutched in my ink-stained fingers.

sturgeon bay door

sturgeon bay windows

Taken yesterday: Some very funky siding and a lovely gray door in Sturgeon Bay. Sturgeon Bay is located in (wait for it…wait for it..) Door County, Wisconsin!

ws kaukauna in context

A toast: To old friends everywhere!

Door #11 in a series of 12 offerings.

Imposing order on chaos, one peel-and-stick number at a time.

floating door

Door # 10 in a series of 12 offerings.

Once again, I’m choosing a look that is one step removed from crisp reality, more of an illustration than a carefully rendered photograph.

ws kaukauna2

A manly door.

Door #9 in a series of 12 offerings.

Door #6 in a series of 12 offerings.

storm door in stang

Probably the perfect metaphor for the mind of a teenager whose pain medication provides an interesting view of the world and who is greatly vexed by the plethora of tubes sprouting from his body.

And who is very much alive.

Thank you, my friends, for all your kindnesses.