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Sunday was quiet–delightfully so. New York Times plus Sunday morning news shows plus a fireplace and unlimited coffee. Who could ask for finer?

I took a walk late in the afternoon and while it was gray and crispy outside, there was nothing out of the ordinary in the air.

 I must have missed something.  Forty minutes after I got home, the last “snowstorm” of the season hit, creating a near-whiteout for a brief time. 

I’d already vowed that I’d taken all the snow shots I could tolerate for the year, but this was too good to let pass. These were all taken in the field behind my house.




squall 1

“What a tale my thoughts could tell.”  Gordon Lightfoot

Unfortunately, even I can’t read what’s in my mind half the time: What was that guy’s name?  Whose baby pictures are those? Is today Tuesday? Or… if I go to order new glasses, god forbid I should remember to bring 1. new prescription, 2. insurance card and 3. a checkbook. Forgot all three. Really. The information is all in my head, of course, piled up on imaginary tables or stuffed into mental folders, but sometimes just not readily available.

If you could read my mind, Love, this is probably the first thing you’d see:


Not really a portrait of my memory bank, but of a lumber company in Columbus, Wisconsin…if I remember correctly…

Moving out of El Dorado and down the road a piece…more of that snow and sky duet with a knock-down beautiful fence cutting across an otherwise naked field.


A couple of things: click on the picture for a larger view. This is practically a thumbnail and as such, simply doesn’t do the scene justice.  Also, the white (-ish) background does get lost in the blog theme background colors.

I did multiple shots of the fence–both long and individual sections– and as I play with/edit those, I’ll post. They are minimalist paintings. Question: Why did I not wait till I had worked them all to my satisfaction and then publish a series?  Well, honestly, I couldn’t because I really really like this one and my Delayed Gratification wiring seems to be malfunctioning. 

Seriously. This happens to me a lot. When you get older, stuff wears out.

On the outskirts of El Dorado, Wisconsin. I had four shots prepared for this post but decided a single picture said it all. About a quarter of the barn has been pulled down, providing lots of light to the interior. Generally I can’t get clarity for rafters and such if I’m shooting from outside but all this light was most helpful!

wabi barn 1

If you care about technical things: it was an extraordinary day with snow and sky being nearly interchangable.  I was shooting at almost a full stop up so when it was time to edit,  sky and snow were already gone. There were a few junky things near the barn. I overexposed them and POOF! they disappeared as well.

An afternoon of snowshoeing through the most glorious winter woods you could imagine turned into an overnight in Egg Harbor when wind and snow made a return drive to Green Bay impossible.


Good friends, big fireplace, good wine and much snappy conversation can tame a snowstorm any day.

 Mother Nature works her deft brush using crisp temps, fragile ice and a brilliant blue morning sky.

wheeler island

It’s all in the wrist.

Wisconsin on Wednesday

A quick tour of the backyard around 2:00 and then it was back inside to the fireplace.